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RMTI specializes in the testing of fly ash and other pozzolans for use in concrete using ASTM procedures.  Materials commonly tested include coal bottom ash, natural pozzolans, slag, silica fume, FBC ash, cement and lime kiln dusts, biomass ash and other combustion products.  Inorganic chemical analysis is performed by WDXRF.  Specific tests routinely performed in our laboratory are listed below.  This is  not a comprehensive list, so if you do not see the test you need, or have questions regarding fees, turnaround time, or quality control, please contact us with the contact page. 

  • ASTM C618 Specifications for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolans for use in Concrete. ( Required Testing and Optional Testing)
  • AASHTO M295 Standard Specifications for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use as a Mineral Admixture in Concrete
  • ASTM C311  Sampling and Testing Fly Ash or Natural Pozzolan for use in Portland Cement Concrete.
  • ASTM C150  Standard Specificatin for Portland Cement Required Testing
  • ASTM C989  Standard Specification for Slag Cement for Use in Concrete and Mortars
  • Inorganic Elemental Analysis via WDXRF 
  • Moisture and Loss on Ignition 
  • Amount Retained on 325 Sieve
  • Sulfur Trioxide 
  • Ammonia 
  • Available Lime Index Strength 
  • Activity Index or ASTM C109 Cube Strength 
  • Density 
  • Autoclave Expansion 
  • Available Alkali 
  • Alkali Reactivity Mortar Bar Expansion 
  • ASTM C1012 Sulfate Expansion 
  • Air Entrainment of Mortar or Air Content 
  • Increase of Drying Shrinkage 
  • Blaine Fineness 
  • Gradation 
  • Friability